So easy to move , in your car, van or on your boat. No need to trailer or tow.

Boat Transport Solution

So many of us would love to own a sailing boat but there are so many issues one of which is the boat transport. It is great to think that every weekend you will take your catamaran to the lake or shore and sail but can you imagine the weekly aggravation with the trailer? The beauty of owning MiniCat boat is that you don’t need a trailer for transport. This fantastic portable sailing catamaran is stored in bags that fit perfectly in any personal car or a van.

And if you are flying somewhere nice on holidays and want to have your sailboat with you? No problem, just take it on the plane and check it in as sport equipment.

MiniCat Guppy

Fits in one bag of 165x30x30 cm
and 29 kg

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MiniCat 310

Fits in one bag of 140x40x30 cm
and 38 kg

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MiniCat 420

Fits in two bags of 180x33x33 cm each
and 26 kg each

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minicat 460

MiniCat 460

Fits in 3 bags, two of 180x33x33 cm and 24 kg and one 100x33x33 cm and 10 kg

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Choose your MiniCat adventure...

Guppy Model.

Relaxed / Family

For a relaxing and enjoyable family (or solo) experience.

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Sport / Faster

If you want to push yourself and you have experience.

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minicat 460

Race / Adrenaline

If Adrenaline, speed and skill are high on your list.

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Inflatable Catamaran

  • 4 sizes and 8 models. Available for 1 - 4 people to sail
  • All models fit in 1-3 bags with a maximum weight of 60 kg
  • Assembled single-handedly in 30 mins – no extra tools required
  • Remove mast, add outboard & create an instant tender
  • 24 month full product warranty
  • Spare parts & great selection of accessories available

Inflatable catamaran that fits in your car

MiniCat is a sailing inflatable catamaran you can take on the plane with you when going on a sailing holidays, is easy to fit in any campervan, motorhome or RVs and is a great addition to your super yacht without the usual storage problems.

New designs for 2019

The long anticipated facelift of all our models is here. After the 310 Sport and Super update in May last year, in January 2019 we are introducing you the brand new designs for all 420 models and 460 Esprit as well.

The design is fresh, contemporary and eye catching and we are using a lot of new materials. There are also some very useful changes on the trampoline and in general we feel we moved the brand miles ahead.

Paignton, Devon.

MiniCat easily fits inside a car

All models fit comfortably in any personal car. It has never been easier to take your boat on holidays without worrying about pulling a trailer behind.